Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Screenplay Real Estate -- Location location location!

No, I'm not talking about where you set your story.

I'm taking about THE most important thing in screenwriting -- the big idea!

Screenplays are like real estate.

You can build the house.
You can fill it with amazing details and furnishings.
You can remodel it.
You can tear it down and rebuild it from the ground up.
But you cannot change the location.

This is as important for a screenwriter to remember, as it is for a real estate investor. Don't build your dream house on a lot that isn't worthy of it.

Once you have decided on the IDEA of your script, that becomes the idea for your whole script. You can change settings, characters, structure, scenes, and all the details you want -- but your idea is your idea. So make it a GREAT IDEA, just as you would chose the best location.

If real estate is LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION, then screenplays are IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS.

Even the worst house built on the best lot on the street is more valuable than the best house on the worst lot. You will have real-estate investors FIGHTING to buy a bad house on a great lot. They know the secret. If you have the lot, you can rebuild the house you want. Without the lot (IDEA) nobody will fight over you script. It is not a GOLDMINE waiting to happen. If you have a great house on a decent lot, you may get a lot of offers, if you have the nicest house in the world in the worst lot, it may sit forever and never sell. Or sell for much less than it is worth.

Remember this. If you have the BEST HOUSE on the BEST LOT – you will be in an exclusive market. You will be selling to MAJOR players, with money, with resources. These investors are critical. They have money. They have a lot of places to choose from. Give them a LOT they cannot resist. And then build them a house to match it’s unmistakable beauty. Give them a house so unique on a lot so gorgeous, that they simply HAVE to HAVE it. And the beauty of this, is that to build the BEST HOUSE on the BEST LOT in the world will cost you millions, if not billions. To give somebody the BEST screenplay idea with the best story execution will cost you nothing. But time, sweat, tears and your creativity. You are in the same spot as everyone else. You do not need money behind you to come up with a prime piece of screenwriting real estate. You have it within your power to break into Hollywood. So do not build a cookie cutter house on a cookie cutter lot and think that you will stand out from the crowd.

GO FOR IT. Think grand. Think big.


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